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The Meaning of You

December 31, 2012
By dianepoon PLATINUM, Hong Kong, Other
dianepoon PLATINUM, Hong Kong, Other
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used for referring to people in general.
And thereat I was let down
by a dictionary. Is that normal?

Let me rewrite the meaning of You
in the twinkle of an eye
without having to spend time to think it through.
And I could guarantee that there be at least a thousand lines.

You mean the split second
of my lungs being out of breath
when you disarmed me off all my weapons
and showed me what living meant.

You mean the shiver at 3am
after breaking me into fragments and gluing me back together and repeat
and yet I choose not to give a damn
because all I can think about is that our world has once been so very complete.

You mean the mischievous boy who cried wolf more
than thrice but I would still be the one who climbs up the hills
every single time and knocks on your front door
to check if everything's okay regardless of being called mentally ill.

You mean my bloodshot eyes every morning before I go to school
each time I remember your words "I don't want you to do anything
for me anymore", but for you I'll be a fool
watching how I lose myself in the mirror with every blink.

You mean the pain in my chest turning into poems
I never enjoyed reading because every stanza reminds
me of the person I no longer want to write about after he has broken
all the promises and yet still manages to stay on my mind.

You mean the unpredictable weather in Summer
which I could find myriads reasons to hate
because sometimes you were my sunshine and sometimes my Thunder,
and I even wonder if all my definitions of You are accurate.

I know You like the back of my hand;
You mean a one-way ticket that's never coming back.
And there is one thing about the dictionary that I can't stand;
everything listed inside is a fact.

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