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An Ode To Aphrodite

March 27, 2013
By Lets_call_me_Lily DIAMOND, Auckland, Other
Lets_call_me_Lily DIAMOND, Auckland, Other
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They'll call it chance, or luck, or they'll call it Fate.
- Neil Gaiman

That beauteous one,
She called out my name; whispered sweetly in my ear
Oh won’t you come away with me?
Join me in a sheltered glade
Bring scented roses red as red
And we shall dance
As dolphins do – with joy and mirth
And love.

But no! I cried
For I cannot, my heart is sworn to love no other
‘cept for she who lays here by my side
And I turned over in the bed
Unyielding as the oak

Only to dream of birds flocking,
Filling the sky
Sparrows and swans alike, Whispering my name
Luring me into enraptured bliss,
As in my dream I left my love, ran,
Into the arms of another

-Those of Aphrodite-

This dream I did not leave,
Till I was no longer young in flesh,
And when she left me,
With a winsome smile tossed back as
I existed that world
I returned. (To my former lover, who I found had not been waiting, but had left me in her memories as she
Loved another in my stead.)

The author's comments:
This was written for a competition, which is run by tapestry bronze, a website about Greek mythology.

It did not win.

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