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September 8, 2008
By BrokenMusic SILVER, Louisville, Kentucky
BrokenMusic SILVER, Louisville, Kentucky
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~Mr. Skullhead

Time moves slower during the night
As the sun sets, slowly out of sight
Forgotten fears and abandoned hopes
Reemerge before you have time to cope

You swear it’s not true, you deny it all
But the darkness sees what no one saw
That you are different, alone with you thoughts
And that you wish away what you never sought

You toss, you turn, you try to sleep
But all you accomplish is a dying need
To know, to see, to do all you have not
To get away from the things you thought

The dark, it seems never-ending
A symbol to you misery, a trademark pending
Your hollowed out heart tells you not to think
But your head tells you instead to seek

To seek out yourself, to look within
To find the person behind the mask so thin
Find it, see it, live it breathe it
Until you are it, bit by bit

Show your true self to the world so brash
Take you persona and in the world let it crash
Crash, into those hearts so cruel
Until they accept you, lest look like a fool

The sky gets pinker, the clouds blanche white
The sun slowly rise in its height
You remember your revelation, and what you should be
But with the grand spotlight on you,
You again become what the world wants to see

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