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Ode To My Sister

September 13, 2008
By Robyn Herbert SILVER, Wichita, Kansas
Robyn Herbert SILVER, Wichita, Kansas
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When I was born, you were sixteen
You taught me things only a sister could
You woke up with me at three am every Christmas Day
Without a mumble or groan, you were ready to play
You treated me better than I ever deserved
And I have a loyalty to you that will always be preserved.

When I was ten years old, we planned a trip
To New York City we would go
Because you loved it so
When I was in high school, we would fly together
And see all we could before our time was out

I planned and saved for that trip since the day we talked
I made us a map of where we would walk
I bounded with joy while I waited for the day
That I would be in high school and we could fly away

But now I realize, as I am older
And I look at his hand around your shoulder
And I see that pretty, silver ring on your left hand
The one that says, "See, I'll be married by year's end!"
And as I look at that pretty, silver ring I realize that
When I am a Freshman
You'll be married
When I am a Sophomore
You'll have a child
When I am a Junior
You'll live far away
And when I am a Senior
You'll have a new life
And with a sadness I realize one day
There will be little room for your little sister in that new life
I know now what I did not before
Our trip will not happen
There will be no "Naked Cowboy" galore
But always remember as you start your new life...

You are my sister.
And I love you.

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