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Back Then It Seemed Easy

September 16, 2008
By CaptainMcCannon GOLD, Las Vegas, Nevada
CaptainMcCannon GOLD, Las Vegas, Nevada
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"It's one of the few, real truths of comedy: You always take shots from folks who just don't get the joke." -The Joker, Batman: Mad Love

to lift and sail vertical, into the astronomical
the aeronautical, drizzle meteorites like goldleaf onto milling seas
Now thin veneer of cloth and crew seem unable to hold up to
iron giants, twin colossals of reality and knowledge
Something bigger, hurling headfirst into a hole of sky
Sick with knowing what's on the other side
I'd go anywhere to escape the closing world that contages every continent it touches
and thwart growing up, that mustachioed fiend! that vaudevillain,
some days, it seems all to easy.

The author's comments:
As an avid member of the steampunk community, I love adding a bit of an alternate history zeitgeist to my writing. I find that the world of steampunk is huge and varied, and that millions of aspects of it can be used in creating something new and wonderful. After all, it's the wonderment that keeps the subculture alive!

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