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Black and White

July 7, 2013
By sameroche BRONZE, Raceland, Louisiana
sameroche BRONZE, Raceland, Louisiana
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It all begins with the spectators to her back.
The thrill holds fast, keeping her at the edge of her seat.
She stares on at white against black
And contemplates if she will ever miss a beat.

She remains still, her hands agile and steady,
But, oh, how her heart is pounding!
She knows deep within that this was meant to be!
And when the pianist has ceased to play, the silence is the loudest sound surrounding.

The author's comments:
"Black and White" is a study on quatrains and is one of a series of poems in a book entitled The Arts, a work expressing my complete devotion to the arts, my passion for them, and the emotions they have evoked while changing my life. The book was written for a Reading class I took in eighth grade and went on to claim First Place at my high school's Academic Showcase in 2010.

This poem describes the rush I often get when I perform, particularly when I have played the piano. I can feel everyone's eyes on me, and I can feel so many different energies in the room. Excitement, anxiety, joy, fear--anything and everything, but it's all worth it in the end. And then when the auditorium becomes silent, I always anticipate how people will react to my performance. Ultimately this poem expresses what goes through my mind when I perform.

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