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July 15, 2013
By PoetLaureate274 PLATINUM, Manitowoc, Wisconsin
PoetLaureate274 PLATINUM, Manitowoc, Wisconsin
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Creeping through the window.
Translucent skies,
Uncertain beauty.
* * *
In the arctic chill,
Of the month of May.
The love of the night,
Draws the heart colder.
* * *
The stark black of the soul cries out,
Forever enchanted by its pain.
The fire of the light,
Blown out by the wind.
* * *
The Earth’s Dance awakening the demons,
Fighting the beasts that devour my spirit.
All is lost and for all be naught,
The wrong triumphs with trumpets ablaze.
* * *
There’s blue under those black-eyes,
Shards of innocence swept away by evil.
All life is is maintaining,
Death ceases the process.
* * *
In the cold black abyss,
We call love.
Shadows manipulate,
Lives they take.

The author's comments:
This is a style of poetry I have yet to see. I call it Stage Poetry but a fellow author of mine (remaining nameless per request)gave it the nickname of wilting poetry (due to this specific poem's content. I also think it fits well for the genre). It is a poem where each verse takes place at a later time than its previous verse, first verse being earliest, last verse being latest. This particular poem refers to someone slowly losing their mind in depression (i.e. from a breakup, loss of person close to them, etc.)

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