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The Night

October 21, 2008
By DiamondGirl GOLD, Groveton, Texas
DiamondGirl GOLD, Groveton, Texas
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Twist and turn beyond these words
Midnight falls overhead
Noises sound off to show we have survived the night
Quickly, oh quickly hide
They are coming!
Blood splatters in big puddles
Run oh run!
But wherever shall we go?
Where do they never tred?
Over the hills! someone shouts
A chorus of yeses break out like hives
Up, up, and over the hills they go
The blood increases until there is a sea of red below
Please oh please, let this be the end! cries another
Rain fell from the black blanket above
Soaking their soar and weary bodies
Where do they never go?
A brave one stood out among the rest
He had no interest in death
He wondered, however, if death were like lightning
Did it ever strike the same dead land twice?
Especially when it thinks it's killed everyone there?
He planted his feat into the muddy ground and trudged forward
Out into the sea of red
One by one the others followed him willingly
He seemed to know what he was doing
So why not follow?
Only five stayed to watch as the others disappeared into the bloody lands they had just forsaken
Are they insane? one whispered
Yes, I believe so, whispered one back
A mighty clap of thunder arose above them
And in turn they each wished they had followed
For there would be no tomorrow for none of the five that stayed behind

The author's comments:
I thought of this while writing in my About Me section and decided I liked it.

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