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November 5, 2008
By angrybob13 SILVER, Fayetteville, Arkansas
angrybob13 SILVER, Fayetteville, Arkansas
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I was remembering the way things used to be
When we had VSH and box TVs
Back before Bush and this stupid war
I wonder if I could have done more
All the times I made mistakes
All the times I gave into hate
The opportunities I missed
The people I dismissed
I think about Pluto being demoted
Just because some scientists voted
I think of greedy politicians
Exploiting and killing on snap decisions
Soldiers marching off to war
Terrorist killing by the score
Men of the upmost faith
Who only know how to hate
Hipocrits lying on every corner
People hating on poor mourners
Rich men trampling the poor
While honest people work until they're sore
I look at all our advancements
And all they are is weapons or breast enhancements
I see how far we've come
And wonder if things were better off when the earth was young
I look to the future to try to find hope
I just wish someone would throw me a rope
Because I'm drowning in all the hate and greed
A little hope is all I need

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annexgeyz said...
on Nov. 11 2008 at 12:46 pm
this is a really good poem, and the rhyming is fantastic. I completely agree with the message in the poem :]