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Older Sister

November 4, 2008
By QS724 SILVER, Carpentersville, Illinois
QS724 SILVER, Carpentersville, Illinois
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She is as calm as the sea.

Her laugh rings like wind chimes.

Dimples appear on her face when she smiles.

Her eyes as big as mine and her eyes as brown.

Her skin, the color of melted toffee, a rich color that left me awed.

Her teeth white.

Her head’s of normal size, but when she speaks,

She speaks of philosophy, science, books, history,

Her intelligence is clear.

She speaks with zeal and passion.

I will always be in awe of her, but I am not in her shadow.

I have opened my mouth and have spoken with as much clarity and intellect as she.

She is my older sister.

She is quiet and calm.

Where I am loud and boisterous as a hurricane.

She is light, where I am dark.

We are sisters.

Nothing else really matters.

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