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The silence companion

March 18, 2014
By Lovergirl GOLD, Gretna, Virginia
Lovergirl GOLD, Gretna, Virginia
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"don't jugde and ye won't be jugde" matthew 7:1
"If you don't know the trees you will get lost in the forest, but if you don't know the stories you will get lost in life' -Siderian Proverb

the path we take is a long one,
the route we take may be the wrong one.
have faith in god and he will get you on the right path.
so don't try to turn around to find the right path.
just keep pushing through .
and by the grace of god you will be where you need to be.
we may take to wrong turn in our life
but we have god right there beside us walking it also with us.
folks may come along and walk it with you
but in the long run god will always there with you.
ever hear the saying "friends come and go"
that is the way of god putting people there to
be with you for a period of time
one it is time for them to go it
may hurt
but they was not longer needed
thank god for walking the same path with you
whispering advice when needed but other than that
a silence companion

The author's comments:
i was sitting alone when this just came to me.

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