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Contribution to Society

November 13, 2008
By Scott Reel GOLD, Naperville, Illinois
Scott Reel GOLD, Naperville, Illinois
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Contribution to Society
They have told you they want the best for you. They have taught you to take hold of your life and make yourself successful at all costs. They have given you a list of careers that will make the most money in the shortest period of time for you to choose from, and want to give you what they never had. Since the beginning you have learned that money is of most importance and signifies happiness, power, and success.
The white collar career that has been recommended will get you money success and power, but it will leave you far from happiness. Society has become bitter and cold when up so high in the sky scrapers of business. Our country has focused on the individual and has forgotten things like morality, respect, and family. When committing to one of these careers you will be so focused and driven on the money you will take for granted the rest of your life. Instead of waiting for the perfect women you will settle for a housewife that is shallow, pretty, and can be a mother to your children. The love you will say you have for her is only the love you have convinced and talked yourself into. You will focus on that career and forget about kids, family, fun; only focused on retirement. By the time you finally get to retirement and don't have to work anymore and you have all of your money, it will hit you; and you will finally get it. You lived a purposeless life. You don't love your wife, you don't know your kids and all that money you have is just paper with no one to share it with. You don't get angry because your life is too short now; that job just put your life to fast forward until retirement. As you lay dieing on your death bed you will think of what you have accomplished and you will finally get that you only contributed to the paycheck of society and your name will be forgotten in a few moments when you have perished.

I ask you to be different and skip that life. It will be hard to be different and cast out of society. If you have a dream I ask you to follow it. Dreams to your parents are just a fun thought but nothing serious, because they already have it planned out for the path of success. But instead of success I ask you to think about what makes you truly happy. If it is the life above then by all means go ahead, but if it’s something else, follow it. Whether it’s a speaker, a preacher, a kindergarten teacher, something with a lot of money, something with only enough to live on; grasp your dream and follow the path you were meant to walk down and do it with passion and the person you love. Money will not make you happy long-term. Find a woman that is your equal; that everyday you can share your thoughts with her and her with you and you can both fight your passions together. Change lives and have a job everyday that will excite you and make a difference; though society will frown on it cause the money you have is half of there monthly paycheck, you have changed the world at least for a split second. You will live everyday with a smile and upon retirement freedom will only be a gift that you can spend everyday with your wife, and upon death you will be ready, not scared, cause your life didn't speed by due to the thirst of money. On your death bed you will be next to the women you love, and when recalling your life, your heart will grow a little bigger when you know that you mattered to at least someone. You will die having the people you changed value you you pick, the death of a body corrupted by society that is selfish, bitter, and weak that will die angry and alone or choose simply purpose and true happiness.......up to you.

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