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Every Waking Moment

November 13, 2008
By Scott Reel GOLD, Naperville, Illinois
Scott Reel GOLD, Naperville, Illinois
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Every Waking Moment
I would cry for you die for you, be there, and stay there. We see something we both laugh. We look into each others’ eyes, we think the same thing. It’s my favorite, it’s hers to. God tripped the feet that were running this life so fast and when I got up I was looking, I was looking at you. It was odd; we just met but I’ve already known you forever. You bring me up, you carry me; if I have to go somewhere far away; you’re there with me. You smile; I can't help but smile back. You cry and your tears seem to be falling from my face to my neck. You take the air out of me, you feed me with your care, you need me; we need each other. You read with me, you watch with me, you talk with me, you walk with me. Your different, there is no one else. Time what is it, cause it doesn't exist when I’m with you. Rain is a joy because I can spend the day inside with you curled up. When the sun's shining you make everything that much brighter. When it snows we are warm together, in the summer it seems like its hot forever. You changed me, you made me, god has directed me, in some ways perfected me. Not only you but I found my brother, some days even my mother. It’s a family, together in a huddle, we're strong; the love is everything but subtle. I thought I needed the rest of you to survive; you're nice to have, but ill get by. My father's above me, my mothers upstairs, my love is always here with me, my brother-he's everywhere. They love me, it’s the truest thing that can be, its intangible, unmanageable, it cannot be seen. This group formed around me that surrounds me, I don't ask you to stay because I know. We're in this together, forever, it’s a bond, with god, a contract till the end. Ill spend all my time with you, every waking moment; I’m not going to drop you guys this time; this time ill hold it...

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