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Free Soul

November 13, 2008
By Scott Reel GOLD, Naperville, Illinois
Scott Reel GOLD, Naperville, Illinois
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Free Soul
She said if you ever do that to me I’ll kill you. Little did she know it has been the plan for years now? Day in and day out, the good days and the bad days, I’ve just been getting by until I can escape. I do the necessities and keep quiet, but I long for those beautiful days ahead. The hot sun beating down on my head, sweat pouring from every part of my body helping those less fortunate and take a step back to admire the progress. I look forward to the misty breeze cutting around my body and the sand beneath my feet. The foam rises and returns back to the beautiful ocean ahead of me and it puts in perspective just how small and insignificant we all really are. I dream about the dense forest, cool and dark from the crowded trees. It’s only a sprinkle at the bottom but up top it’s a heavy rain; the little leaves working together to form my natural umbrella. I hear the pitter patter of the rain hitting the leaves and its consistent beauty echoing through my ears. My dreams of this beauty are divine and will become reality. By the time you so call kill me for what I have done to you, go ahead; kill me. I have traveled, gained and lost. I have helped and tried my hardest not to hurt. I have believed and never lost faith. The things I have seen are majestic and in comparison to what I left I don't even deserve the luxury of what I have seen. So kill me, I am ready, the lord has shown me a glimpse of his kingdom; and I’m glad you did what you did for so long, because without it everything here would have been acceptable. I am not embarrassed to tell those my ideas or share thoughts with strangers. I do not get angry at those that disagree due to the blindness that blurs the lives they construct into nothing. I accept the difference between us. It was you; your fault. You are nothing to me most days and most days I can't imagine how I have made it this far. I hope my absence has saved you, because right now you're cursed. You will never feel what I feel or see what I see but hopefully one day you understand. That is the only thing I can pray for you. If and when I do come back it’s because I am dead or finished with the adventure and after that my soul is set free, so I say it again; go ahead...kill me.

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on Dec. 4 2008 at 3:55 am

Wow, that was absolutely beautiful imagery.

I liked it a lot, because I could mildly relate to it.

You have a unique style of writing and I admire it.