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Admit It

April 23, 2014
By RhiannonH PLATINUM, Fort Wayne, Indiana
RhiannonH PLATINUM, Fort Wayne, Indiana
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When life hands you lemons,make grape juice and then sit back and watch as the world wonders how you did it.

What am I going to do in this life?
It's a struggle to find my faith
Like a bird trying to fly
Looking for momentum to gain

I can't help but question myself
As the ever-present doubt builds itself up against me
Like books lying on the floor all around me, lined in my shelves, stacked up against the walls
And I just wish to lock it up and throw away the key

God made me who I am
Why can't I accept that?
Why do I have to worry about my hair
Or if I'm getting fat?

It's not what He wants for me
This, of course, I know
That's what His love has shown

Why don't we all just stop and think
Stop and think for just one minute
Are you whoGod wants you to be?
If you're not, just admit it

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