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Lemon Pie and Hamburger

December 2, 2008
By kaira SILVER, Boise, Idaho
kaira SILVER, Boise, Idaho
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Lemon pie






These are words that I got
Out of an article that I read and
Decided to use these words.

I wanted to get out of the house.

I called my friends.
Jennifer and Reeanne.
We went to the beach.
But while I was still at home I packed a picnic.
I had lemon pie, hamburgers and water.
It was pretty simple.
Jen’s dad said we could go to the little island close to the shore but far enough that we had to take my Jen’s dad’s boat.
We got in it.
It was kind of cold because it was wet.
Jen and I knew how to drive the boat so her dad left us alone.
We got to the island and ate the lemon pie first.
It was super yummy.
Then I saw the big dark clouds.
A storm was coming.
We had to leave!
We got in the boat and it started to rain.
The wind got strong.
We got scared then every thing was black.
Then I was sitting in a boat with my friends beside me.
I was still in the boat, at least.
It seems that every thing that could go wrong will go wrong with me.
We tried to get back to shore.
It took a while.
When we got back it was dark.
We went to my house and Jen stayed the night.
Reeanne went home.
In the morning it was still raining and… raining.
So that afternoon we planned to go to the beach again tomorrow.
Even if it was still raining.

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