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December 3, 2008
By Shandalee GOLD, Sunset, Utah
Shandalee GOLD, Sunset, Utah
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I am me. I'm not you. I'm not anyone else. I am me. Reguardless of what you say or how you try to change me; I am me. Don't expect me to convert to your ideal image of what i should be. I am me.

-Shanda Allen-

I think a lot more than I should. But when I’m alone it ends up being the only thing I do. Some many things are soaring through my mind. I don't understand why I have to deal with such grow up things. I know it’s not my fault or is it? I don't quite understand why I’m thinking about my troubles and pain but I just can't seem to dodge them. They follow me everywhere. I know I've found people to help me but I find more comfort not dragging them into my messed up life. I would rather starve the pain away or give myself physical pain. It would feel a whole lot better than feeling the emotional pain. So once again I'm back to the beginning.... I'm thinking again....

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