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May 20, 2014
By Lets_call_me_Lily DIAMOND, Auckland, Other
Lets_call_me_Lily DIAMOND, Auckland, Other
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They'll call it chance, or luck, or they'll call it Fate.
- Neil Gaiman

And I remember Fred
- In the dying of the night -
because he's dead.

A girl walks past with small steps, beloved,
With starlight
Reflected in her eyes, and I remember Fred;

I remember how he had often fled -
no shining armour for this reclusive knight,
And I wonder if I see him in this way only because he's dead.

The laugh lines lie around my eyes; my face looks like crumpled lead
because warped window-corner fragmented shatter-sight
is not conducive for self-reflection, and I remember Fred.

The rain stills to a light drizzle and up ahead
I see him standing in the greyish pre-dawn light.
Except he isn't any more; because he's dead.

Turning over in my bed
I see a shadow and scream in fright,
And I remember Fred;
because he's dead.

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