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May 29, 2014
By Carrllyyy_055 BRONZE, Etters, Pennsylvania
Carrllyyy_055 BRONZE, Etters, Pennsylvania
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"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone."

She looks at the calendar and the days going by

The sight that she sees brings a tear to her eye

The past seven days have been brutal and rough

She hopes it will pay off soon enough

The cravings she gets aren’t getting much better

She sits there shivering wrapped in her sweater

One minute she’s hot and the next minute she’s freezing

These symptoms she gets are not exactly pleasing

She gets really hungry and orders a platter of food

Her appetite diminishes, she doesn’t mean to be rude

Aches and pains shoot up her spine

The way she is feeling is hard to define

Mending old friendships she once tore apart

All she wants is a fresh new start

She pushes and pushes, but wants to give in

She then notices a difference in the completion of her skin

These little changes are what keep her going

She hopes everyone can see her heart growing

She likes the feeling of her family by her side

She sees how far she’s come and stands with great pride

Through the heartbreak and hurt, she won’t be the same

But don’t you dare think she’ll surrender to this horrible game

The author's comments:
This piece follows my first poem "Broken". If you have not yet read "Broken" I suggest that you do. Now that my sister is, hopefully, staying on the path to recovery, I decided to write this poem about her healing experiences. Enjoy!

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