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December 5, 2008
By ezsmilesannemarie GOLD, Grand Rapids, Michigan
ezsmilesannemarie GOLD, Grand Rapids, Michigan
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Pieces of heaven used to scatter within the trees,
Inviting all within borders but just you and me;
Now accidental words have brought you to leave,
Spoken in haste as I witnessed your soul grieve;
Possessing all of my fear, of each simple reverie-
Of each moment you enabled me to believe;
Whispers churned your lips from dew of the earth,
Assembling the beating that your imminence murmurs;
The pull of my heart as I urged for your affections,
Fulfilled momentarily in the clarity of your intentions—
But my veins now isolate in a dark excess,
As they ache from emotion by the guilt I access;
I now await a day that I see your loving face,
Breaking me from the dark and the lifelessness I taste;
For my veins that vibrate at the touch of your hand
Inquiring as all heaven and earth expand;
For soil that warmly pulses and all surrounding breathe,
As I mouth your promise that my spirit so believes.

The author's comments:
For this poem I wanted to express pure love and devastating heartbreak -- how we can keep this with us, and await its return.

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This article has 2 comments.

on Dec. 30 2008 at 3:04 pm
Thanks! I wanted to capture how someone would feel after a situation like this. The imagination is a great thing, so powerful and fierce, yet delicate at the same time. ily2!

on Dec. 19 2008 at 8:54 pm
I loved it! I felt so much emotion! This is great for someone so blind (like me) of this aspect. It's like you've really been in a relationship like this. That's the power of imagination, huh? I really liked it! =D ily!