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Sinclair in Wonderland

December 10, 2008
By Julia Edelman SILVER, Roslyn, New York
Julia Edelman SILVER, Roslyn, New York
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Seemingly lost in a new
And dangerous world
Groping for guidance
Lost in darkness
Searching for Individuation
The Ubermensch
Both wavering between childhood innocence

Strict obedience

Guilty curiosity
The exploration of one’s imagination
Desperately seeking the idyllic Garden of Eden
The Cheshire cat directing Alice’s path
In this mad, mad world
Pistorius and Demian aiding Sinclair
Towards the path
Of self discovery
Both undergoing maturity
Both weeping as their innocence is stolen
Isolated by puberty
Escaping from a rich, sheltered world
So many riddles Alice must answer
Life is a puzzle
Which cannot be pieced together
Sinclair is tortured by what he does not understand
Without purpose without intrinsic value
Nihilism surrounds him
Phallic pre- Christian symbols
The caterpillar searches within Alice
For her true identity
But she has misplaced it
Taught to blindly obey
Ordered to memorize and simply remain silent
Neither one letting their true thoughts
Nor ideas be heard aloud
Chastised for curiosity
Both eventually learning the ability
To interpret their own knowledge

Death is a constant menace
In her adventures
Holding great importance in the steps
Towards rebirth of the heraldic sparrow hawk
Babbling brooks now comprehensible
Cats and Rabbits wear elegant hats

Yet most essential
Most tragically important of all
Is the discovery

And the understanding
Of the individual
Both Alice and Sinclair must find their way
Their deep purpose in this mad, mad world

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