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My Shadow And I

August 1, 2014
By Tatiel PLATINUM, Washington, Vermont
Tatiel PLATINUM, Washington, Vermont
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~Mark Twain

We danced together, my shadow and I,
To the beat of our own heart.
The yellow walls seemed to urge us near,
The light pressed us apart.

We danced together, my shadow and I,
My shadow took the lead.
I followed on her every move,
I matched me to her speed.

Yet though already we formed a duet,
Our third appeared apace.
Reflected where the mirrors hung,
She joined us with cool grace.

Us three together, our smooth pas de trois,
Waltzed in a half-lit fade.
Revealed, the difference in our steps,
In every move we made.

My shadow, perfectly fluid and pure,
The image of my soul.
A smoky mist of inner thought,
By light cast free and whole.

My cold reflection, my looking-glass self,
The image of my flesh.
Illusion to mock conceived release,
Still caught in mortal mesh.

My body, harboring both of these,
My soul by flesh cut through.
My flesh by soul ever ravished and worn,
The image of myth that is true.

We danced together, my shadow and I,
Our reflection in our grasp.
She could not break the binding spell,
Or cease the enchantment’s clasp.

We danced together, my shadow and I,
In the emptiness of me.
We danced, and as the twilight passed,
We set reflection free.

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