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March 5, 2015
By Brian110 SILVER, Jonesport, Maine
Brian110 SILVER, Jonesport, Maine
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We sing the song of love and life, but they try to break our peace,
I try my best to resist temptation, free of selfish greed,
They come and defy the sanctity, the sanctity of my home,
The frozen hearts of demons, live within their souls,
  Their souls sing the song, of war and suffering,
They try to taint our souls, with greed and offerings,
And so we fall to the devil,
For the human soul is not pure,
Tainted by greed,
We give in to the lure,
We try to do what’s right in the world, but selfishness makes us fail,
Oblivious to those around us, and thoughtless to those we care.

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