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Midnight Loving

January 15, 2009
By Cozette Jenkins PLATINUM, Mesa, Arizona
Cozette Jenkins PLATINUM, Mesa, Arizona
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kisses on her neck leave her undone
you're close to claiming the prize you now have won
her hands on your shoulders pull you closer
even though all you wanted to begin with was to hold her
you never get exactly what you ask for
but that only means you should simply ask for more
come on now, keep going - it's underneath
if you dig in deep you'll find relief
passion is the only poison you're not immune to
drink it all in now; you know you want to
let it soak in deep into your veins
penetrate your voice as you say you're not afraid
your heart pounds at a lightning pace
you're only safe with what you whisper to her face
her hand is on your back, her nails dig into your skin
she is everything you lack; you've got to let her in
her tongue, oh it's the barrel of the gun
your hand is on the trigger
and she will convince you to give her
a place to hide in the catacombs of your heart
you have known from the very start
that though the essence has faded, night will not fade to day
you will hide her away
her teeth pull your lip; you know you'll only last a while
you always fall victim to her sweet smile
and you fall hard, onto your knees
you are deaf, you cannot see, you cannot breathe
yet finally your racing heart is full
as you surrender everything to her - body, mind, and soul

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