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Depression Defined

July 14, 2015
By RhiannonH PLATINUM, Fort Wayne, Indiana
RhiannonH PLATINUM, Fort Wayne, Indiana
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When life hands you lemons,make grape juice and then sit back and watch as the world wonders how you did it.

When you wish your life away

But time seems to slow

When the memories start to fade

And you feel like you have no place to go


When your world seems to be falling apart

But there's nothing you can do to keep it together

When you're left with a shattered heart

And there's nothing you can do to make it better


When the light has been snuffed out

And you cant get it burning again

When all you want to do is scream and shout

Because back into the darkness you descend


When all you do is cry

But you dont know what about

When all you want is to die

Because you cant silence the doubt


When you find love in the blood you bleed

Because that's the only thing that gets you high

When you just wish to be freed

From what seems to just be a tremendous lie


When you dont know what to do

And you dont know what to say

When you feel like there's no one to turn to

And nothing will ever be okay


When you try so hard to stay strong

But there's always someone that drags you down

When your whole life just seems to have gone wrong

And smiles are replaced by frowns


When the world becomes and empty place

And you just feel so utterly alone

When you cant find a familiar face

In a place you consider your home


When you have hit rock bottom

And all you can do is pray

Because your biggest problem

Is deciding if you're getting out of bed today


This is depression defined.

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