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Eurydice Wakes

January 23, 2009
By Tasha Taylor SILVER, Richmond, Virginia
Tasha Taylor SILVER, Richmond, Virginia
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I open my eyes
only to find myself
staring into darkness.
‘Don’t look back at her
she will follow,’
I rise from this deep sleep
though not rested enough,
Where am I?
‘If you look back
before you reach the
ground above she’ll
I follow the sound of sweet music
a melody so familiar
but still strange to my ears.
It spreads through my body
uncurling my fingers
straightening my back,
I cling to the voice
that shall be my savior,
it clears my mind
pulsing into the dark corners.
Light now outlines a shape
revealing my love and fills me,
But as he turns I realize my mistake
I can already feel myself being
tugged away into darkness.
The light is so near
too close it burns.
I grip on to this form
feeding from the light
and his eyes
but I know now we
are of two different worlds,
his face is etched in my mind
Farewell my love
as I close my eyes.

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