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where can i get one?

January 26, 2009
By musiclover71 ELITE, Hutto, Texas
musiclover71 ELITE, Hutto, Texas
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Hey you there with that smile so big on your face
what's it for and where can I get one?
Seeing u stand there with that look in your eye
it makes me wonder, what's it like
to be treated so specially?
You there with that frown so hard on your face
what's it for and where can I get one?
Watching you sit there so much like a stone
makes me wonder, why people hurt other people?
You there with those tears raining down from the sky that is your eyes
y r they there and where can I get some?
I seem to have had a drought inside and can't get a single drop to come out
but only with the worst scenarios thought in my head
it makes me wonder, what the point of crying is?
You there with that wondering look on your face
is your mind wandering or are you curious about something new or old?
Why is that expression there and where can I get that kind of curiosity?
You there with that mask upon your face
why is it there and what's it for?
Did u get tired of my questions and decide to hide it all away?
And where can I get one?
Hey you there with that grin so humorous on your beautiful face
what's it for?
Seeing your eyes shine with the greatest of feelings
makes me wonder, when I see that smile
where can I get one?

Then one day someone told me
when I asked again
where can I get one?
They said you get those things from feeling
observation, love and thinking.
I asked
but where do you get those things?
They laughed and said
you can't buy them, you can't steal them, and you can't sell them
they're not something that was invented or something you make
it's something that's
just there
but where...? I started
they chuckled again and said
there is no where or when or how
except unless you want to say
that the where is the beat of your heart

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on Feb. 14 2009 at 4:14 am
It's all from the hearts! I love it!