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Stay or Walk Away?

January 28, 2009
By MissMarie PLATINUM, Fruitland Park, Florida
MissMarie PLATINUM, Fruitland Park, Florida
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I tried it out me and you.
I was all shook up didnt know what to do, my heart said stay but my mind said no, no one to talk to, no place to go.
Should i stay or walk away,
should i give up or stay another day, when i look at you i truley see how much you really mean to me
Every laugh we've had or the awesome dates, every cry over you, should i stay or walk away? If I stay will you promise to do me right, never let me go, hold on tight? If i go will you ignore me or call me nasty names i should probably hurry up and make this decision today, with all the many times i've been very hurt, my love with you it hurt the worst, so help me out and tell me what to do because i dont really know what to do with you, should i stay or walk away?

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It should explain

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