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Bashful friend

February 2, 2009
By Poet4God DIAMOND, Houston, Texas
Poet4God DIAMOND, Houston, Texas
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Look, It may be hard to listen to the things I'm gunna say. But there's a little something that bothers me each and every day. Where you go, who you see and all the things you do. I'm not trying to control, I'm just looking after you. I'm not pointing fingers, talking down or making this a joke. I simply want to talk to you about drinking, sex and coke. None of which I'd ever want to see my friend go through. Cuz I love you, you're my friend and I'm just looking after you. This world Isn't perfect, sometimes we stumble, that's okay. But together we can help each other be prepared to run away. Run away from temptations and offers of all kind. I know I'm saying a lot, but it's really been on my mind. I see so many kids making choices left and right. They need a friend to pull them out of it so that they can see the light. I'm not just saying you need me, cuz I really need you too! That's why God gave us friends, so that we can help each other through. If something ever bothers you, we can talk at any time. Doesn't matter If It's two a.m. rain or shine. If you need me face to face, I'll be there In a flash. Just promise me too, that you've also got my back. To be honest I was scared to ever have this talk. I thought that you would laugh, or worse; walk off. I couldn't wait another day, each day felt like a year. I had no choice but to push myself and get over my fears. I can't even explain how much it means that you took the time to listen to me. I know that this sounds crazy but I have a little more to say. Will you take the time to listen, will you take the time to stay? I want to tell you now about a very special day. Well Christmas is a holiday and one we all enjoy. But it's not about Santa Claus and It's not about the toys. A savior was born In a manger you see, there was no room for Him In the inn. He lived for 33 years and then died on a cross for our sins. He died to give and soon will return again. I'm telling you with love, I'm telling you as your friend. It's your choice to make, I'm not forcing or rushing. But everyday that goes by, to my heart It Is crushing. I want you there, when we die someday. I don't want to live one moment with you far away. When you're ready let me know, and I'll lead you into prayer. Thanks again for listening and for always being there. Just remember, I'm still your friend, don't get offended by what I'm saying. Would you like me to go, or would you mind if I started praying? I just want to pray that God would keep us close forever amen. And to thank Him once more for dying for our sins. He loves us no matter what and forgives us every time. The unconditional love, just really blows my mind. You showed that you cared, by listening to what I had to say. I love you my dear friend and I'll never forget this day.

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