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MY hankie

January 31, 2009
By Broken_hearted_wolf SILVER, Auburn, Washington
Broken_hearted_wolf SILVER, Auburn, Washington
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Listen to the flow of tears,
Hear the river of your fears,
Flowing from your heart,
you've got love its time to start,
Feel your face cold and wet,
Now its here get ready get set,
I am with you to dry the flood,
My hankie is now covered with blood,
Its not mine it belongs to you,
You caused it you know it to,
It flows from me to the floor,
But to you its just a bore.


I wipe my blood onto your shirt,
Its just blood its not like it hurts,
Now let me take it off of you,
This mask you wear is making me blue,
Blood or makeup you choose how far,
I will take my new hankie and polish my star.


Each persons hankie is a different texture and shade,
Some are from a factory most are home made,
Mine is like silk yet slightly used,
It is quite nice but it can be rude,
It has a few stains mostly of blood,
At once I thought my hankie was a dud,
I couldn't do a thing I knew not how,
But now that I know what I know now,
The blood stains are smaller,
Yet the world looks much taller,
My star at this time has not quite grown,
About to set out to make in this world a home,
Around my star my feelings do stir,
Its to bad for me,
That I cant have her.

The author's comments:
this was originaly made for a puplic speeking seminar

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