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February 12, 2009
By laurenalicehxc SILVER, Cleburne, Texas
laurenalicehxc SILVER, Cleburne, Texas
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"Life Is A Book; How Will Yours Be Read?' -- Lauren-Alice Danielsen

Near me sits a boy tears have chapped his cheeks,
His eyes have about run out of water,
His family lost to a great fire his home now a pile of ash.
His memory receding; now he's utterly lost.

Beyond that lays a dirty sleeping girl tortured in a nightmarish dream
She scratches perplexingly at her scar littered arms
The past remains in her self-inflicted tattoos
And yet she wonders why it's incapable for her to move on

There stand s a broken man, his eyesight stolen by a drunk driver
His concept of color has completely faded to black
The world he walks in is a bleak, dark abyss
That is only further burdened by the weight of his remorse.

Here speaks a honest person whose chest burns empty but smiles
Beams an optimist's smile that I stole
I didn't stop hurting; I just stopped the hurting from taking over
I can watch the orphaned boy, the tormented girl the blind man
And smile.
Life is evil; it does evil things from time to time
But eventually it moves over you and you move on,
For time stands still for no man
It can change a person; it can bring hate and pain
But it also brings the most reassuring and overpowering feeling of all time'
Love-and that's an honest as it gets

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