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What Is Love?

February 11, 2016
By daydreamer67 SILVER, Grahamsville, New York
daydreamer67 SILVER, Grahamsville, New York
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What is love? What is love? 

Love is stronge. Love is weak.

Love is small. Love is big. 

Love is everything. Love is nothing.

Do you know what love is?

Love is different in every way.

Love is true. Love is dare.

Love is precious that you should keep.

Love will bring you together.

Love can destroy you.

What is love?

Love is nice but can be evil.

Love is soft. Love is rough.

Love is strange sometime in a beautiful way.

Love is important. Love is family.

Love is friends. What is love?

I wish, one day i wish i knew what love is.

So, that I can find my true love.

Love is music that you heard when you find 

the one you will be with for the rest of your life.

What is love?

I don't think anybody knows.

Love can be anything that you want it to be.

Now ask yourself what is love? 

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