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February 22, 2009
By Carrah Olive-Hall SILVER, Tallahasee, Florida
Carrah Olive-Hall SILVER, Tallahasee, Florida
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Stars twinkle and shine
but none of them shine quite like you.
You were clearly sent to Earth by God
as a messenger to the world
To say that peace should preside over the Earth.
Stop the fighting and the hate,
Let love and our hearts lead the world.
Look to your left brother, what do you see?
Give some thought to what you do,
Future generations will live with our decisions.

The time is now
To change your faults
Learn and grow,
don't become stuck in an abyss of lost and loneliness
Move on to bigger and better things.

It saddens my heart to see
To see the hate in the world.
God did not create us so we could fight
and hate each other
Forgive thy self for thine faults,
Then forgive others.

Peace is scarcely found in the world
which is hard to understand
Greed and power drive our minds,
not love and our hearts
like God intended.

Become a better person,
by stopping the incessant hatred,
if you stop the quarreling
then others may indeed follow,
and maybe one day
Peace will preside over our world
and you will have the satisfaction
of knowing you helped,
and weren't a part of the unending problem.

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