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The Five Step Process

February 24, 2009
By Aryelle PLATINUM, Scottsbluff, Nebraska
Aryelle PLATINUM, Scottsbluff, Nebraska
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When you've forgotten how to feel
Everything but love,
There are certain steps you must take
To remember yourself.

Let yourself feel hurt.
Gasp at the pain in your heart,
Which is like nothing else.
Take shallow breaths
Because your chest is tight
And your ribs won't expand.
Feel the hurt.

Go ahead and regret it.
Wish that you'd never met,
Or spoken to, or smiled at,
Or walked by, or held hands with,
Or any other thing...
Wish that you had never liked them at all.
Let yourself regret it.

Stop ignoring the anger.
Stop blaming yourself
For everything that went wrong.
Realize they had a part too.
That emptiness inside?
Let it fill and overflow
With the anger you've ignored.

Let go of it all.
Find a way to release the feelings.
Write bad songs or poems,
Dress in all balck or dye your hair,
Scream, punch, do whatever it takes
To let go of it all.

Rediscover yourself.
When everything is gone
Nothing is left but you.
Finally, you remember
Who you were before
Your world was destroyed.
You've rediscovered yourself.

Now that you've completed
Steps one through five,
You can re-enter life
And conquer the world.

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