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A puppy and a brother

February 24, 2009
By Poet4God DIAMOND, Houston, Texas
Poet4God DIAMOND, Houston, Texas
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Single widowed women driving down the road,
Little girl in the backseat seeing puppies being sold.
Her mama pulled right over to let her baby see,
Then her little baby girl began begging please, please!
Can I get a puppy, one to call my own, I promise
to take care and my promise is in stone. I never will betray It
I never will regret, please mommy oh please can I get it?

So mommy said yes and daughter was pleased,
the man began to talk and to the little girl he teased.
The little girl smiled right up at the man as he gave her
a soft puppy and shook her mamas hand. Mama started smiling,
never seen before, the man was still talking when he closed the car door.
He leaned against the window and asked for mama's name,
she shyly gave It to him and we began down the lane.

One week later, they went on a date,
and I stayed up waiting for mama real late.
She walked in the door, with a smile ear to ear,
And I asked her how it went but I never got to hear.

Few months passed by and John came by the house,
mama was dressed up with a really pretty blouse.
It was time to go to Church and glorify our God,
And I begged mama please if I could only bring my dog.

Months and months had gone by,
and the question was finally asked.
I thought It would never happened, for so much time had passed.
John got on one knee and held out a ring, It sounded so romantic
I could hear the angels sing. Mama was astounded and she was
almost weak, when John took her hand and began to slowly speak.

He said; Will you marry me, can I call you my very own,
I promise to take care and my promise is in stone. I never will betray you
and I never will regret, I promise if you say yes that you will not forget.

A few happy tears later and two hearts that made one,
My mama gave birth to her very first son. My puppy is a symbol of my mom
and my new dad. When I ask mom if she's glad she let me have a puppy, she says
"yes, I'm very glad".

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