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Winter Wolf

February 25, 2009
By Beneaththeskyfan1 GOLD, Sherman, Illinois
Beneaththeskyfan1 GOLD, Sherman, Illinois
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He glides through the night,
Bounding over obstacles,
Weaving through the trees,
His rough padding grasps the ground,
No sooner does it touch the ground it raises again.

Boughs crack,
Tree subsiding,
Weight of the snow,
Slaying the tree branch after branch,
He dodges,
Keeps running,
Looks back,
Slows down,
Pack coming up,
Yielding to him,
Nuzzles under the chin,
They're off again.

On a mission,
But for what,
He puts his head up,
Sniffs again,
He keeps running,
From one set of trees to the other,
One forest to the other,
Almost to another world,
Objects whipping by,

Still running,
He feels so free,
Happy to be with his pack,
Beautiful and sleek,
Striking and lustrous,
Glistening with snow,
As radiant as the sunrise.

Now walking,
Crunching through the snow,
Head held high with pride,
Smelling air for a scent,
There it is,
It fills him with adrenaline and courage,

Closing in,
Abdomen scarcely stroking the ground,
Body ready to pounce,
Feeling invincible,
Knowing that with his pack nothing can hurt him.

He pounces,
Bitter and salty taste instantaneously fills his mouth,
Taste of flesh,
And the first to taste it,
He's successful,
He's the alpha,
He's the Winter Wolf.

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