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Civil War

February 25, 2009
By Beneaththeskyfan1 GOLD, Sherman, Illinois
Beneaththeskyfan1 GOLD, Sherman, Illinois
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Flying colors,
Up the hill,
Bugle blowing,
Blood flowing,
Metal glowing

The courageous soldiers,
Fighting for right and wrong,
America's prodigal sons,
For the freedom of the Negro,
And to make America United.

Mr. Lincoln,
From Illinois,
Abolishing slavery,
Diminishing the C.S.A.,
A great man who died for his country,
John Wilkes Booth tried to eradicate us by slaying him,
It didn't work,

'Dixie' against 'Yankee Doodle',
'Bonnie Blue Flag' against 'Gather Around the Campfire Tonight'.

The southern oppressors were destroyed,
But the fight for the Negro had just started.

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