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February 25, 2009
By Beneaththeskyfan1 GOLD, Sherman, Illinois
Beneaththeskyfan1 GOLD, Sherman, Illinois
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Little spheres,
Coloring everything in orange and pink,
Like bees buzzing,
Flying past my ear.
I see the enemy,
Moving and crouching behind the brown barrels used as bunkers,
All of them in multi-colored shirts,
I want to shoot them, but I can't,
I want to get them out, but I can't.
I feel like a mouse in a trap,
There's no way out,
Confused, scared, waiting,
Not knowing when my time is up,
A sphere bursts over my head,
The guns are firing,
Firing at me.
I hear the snapping of twigs on the ground and limbs overhead,
One of the spheres hits Tommy,
He's out.
I run,
Run forever,
The next thing I know,
The game is over,
Another game is about to start.
Who won,
Who lost,
It doesn't matter,
The game is over at last.

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