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February 27, 2009
By cecilia_no_uta SILVER, Dartmouth, Other
cecilia_no_uta SILVER, Dartmouth, Other
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Ma' The Dogma

Your presence is a dogma
Your thoughts are sharp Ma'
A tongue like fire, your quick to resist
In violence or love, you often persist:
'be thoughtful of others, be patient, not cruel'
I look at you now Ma' and that hypocrisy you fuel


Tremble, you may do
Fear, that too

Bedlam, horrid language
Panic, out of anguish

Grieve, when you've lost
Hate, at what cost?

The World

While the tides bring me over
As I sink down more lower
A hand reaches out
She panics, she shouts
'don't you dare give in! don't you dare stop!'
We lock eyes, share a moment, then let our eyes drop
'it's ok,' her voice trembles 'it's fine, I understand,'
She pulls me towards her, I stumble onto land
' we'll beat them, I promise.' no traces of doubt
I shake , glance at myself, feeling worn out.
To see the monster , my thoughts start to swirl
I brace myself, pace myself, and face the world

Final Goodbye

We face each other. with cool eyes I stare
' you've forgotten me, my love,' the worlds so unfair
She frowns in silence. hope , she may still care!
I breathe in sharply, don't go there, don't you dare!
Your hearts already been torn, she's horrid. I glare.
The air seems to shimmer as she tosses her hair
Unfair, yes it was, no more!, my eyes flare
She knows she has hurt me, she was already aware
' we are over,' she whispers ' no longer a pair,'
I gasp, clutch my chest, I struggle for air
No more, I want out of this heartbreaking affair.
She walks away gingerly , with a swoosh, her skirt flares
' I guess this is goodbye,' I turn , I spit, I swear.
I pause, then look back, her red mass of hair.
I hate her, I love her, she turns back and stares.

The author's comments:
i's strange how i came up with these poems. for the first four poems, i did a rough draft wgile in math class, and the fifth on my computer. I get inspiration to write from anything: books, poeple (especially them), hopes I've had, hopes others had and so on. when the words come, I just write them down. It's almost like the words seem to shape themselves onto the paper, and I'm just along for the ridde.

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