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A Forlorn Goodbye

February 27, 2009
By cecilia_no_uta SILVER, Dartmouth, Other
cecilia_no_uta SILVER, Dartmouth, Other
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It was hard the first time, saying goodbye.
You barely said a word. Just stood there staring dumbly.
I hated you for that; your feigned innocence, it stung.
The bitter taste of remorse was the only thing that held me rooted to the spot
I wasn't ready for your goodbye, I wanted, expected more.
And I remember the moment, the moment you cried.
I looked down in shame. Don't cry, I wanted to shout,
wanted to reach over and brush the tear from your face.
But I stood forlornly, hating my uselessness and stupidity
It was hard the first time and probably the next time,
Would it ever be the right time, to say goodbye.

The author's comments:
I was inspired by the feelings that encompassed goodbyes and drew from the times i had to say goodbye to a love or friend.

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