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March 4, 2009
By BlackashAngel BRONZE, Yellow Springs, Ohio
BlackashAngel BRONZE, Yellow Springs, Ohio
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I am 2 in one
I am me and I am not
I am good I am evil
I am light
I am dark
I am night and day
Healthy and unhealthy
Pretty and ugly
Sane an insane
Caring and uncaring
I am wrong

I am imbalanced
I fight between
Good and evil
And good is losing
Night is cutting through day
Ugly is winning against pretty
Dark as long over come light
Secrets enlarge
Turning so foul
No one can find them
Must keep them secret
Or disaster will fall on me

So now I sit here
Wondering how much longer
Till this is over
5 more years
Just 5 more years
Until I'm freed

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