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March 6, 2009
By Jordan Wilson-Dalzell GOLD, Portola Valley, California
Jordan Wilson-Dalzell GOLD, Portola Valley, California
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Favorite Quote:
Oh, if I could run free with the wild horses
I'd run and I would keep going and never stop.
Oh,if I could keen with my brothers the wolves
I'd cry sorrow and call for the freedom we lost.

If I could pick up my legs and just gallop away
my footprints would be pounded in the earth
If I could hunt with my pack , coexist as one
our cries would be recorded in a wild journal.

Oh if I could race out my heart and challenge
the wind
Even if I lost ,my lose would be mine to own
Oh, If I could speak the name of a word to feel
its birthing roots
If freedom were the word-then I am coming

barefoot calloused feet
pound the campground
dodging the ruts
of spinning carousels
wheeled away-shelf life.

amber eyes whisper
rich men coming
wrinkles hiding shadows
expectant creased smile
seeking tarot fortunes
and tossed dice.

confirming ancient fears
black art knowledge
that never existed
Hatred's rumor creation
trailer's wood shaking
knocking- one word
all it took
'Gypsy' two syllables

scarred amber eyes
caught in innocence
growl in throat
hating offensive label
preventing anyone ever
who might ask
about their story
culture of storytelling
enduring constant hatred.

After image floating
of what was
neon lights blinking
outside spinning horses
inlayed gemstone carriages
Roma-heads down
surving their neverending
carousel- always misunderstood

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