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The Emotion

March 14, 2009
By lightbearer GOLD, North Bloomfield, Ohio
lightbearer GOLD, North Bloomfield, Ohio
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The Emotion
An emotion is so more than simply
Happy or sad.
Its means something to the individual.
Because someone wears completely black
Does not entitle others to judge,
For if you really knew them,
Then you would see that they are not tough
But vulnerable.
And how do they become weak?
It's by the people who force them into excile.
Why do people commit suicide?
It's because they no longer feel the desire to live.
Yes, these people are living by their emotions,
Because it's the only place that feels secure,
A safe haven in the mist of an unyielding world.
Why do teens run away from home?
A majority of teens have a since of rejection
Whether it be from parents, siblings, or peers.
They feel that they are the source of conflict or problem,
And if they just leave, then everybody will be relived.
People who find it challenging to relate to those of this type of nature
Should not judge, but remain silent.
But for those of us who have experienced these feelings,
Now we know what it feels like.
We have felt the sense of insecurity and unwanted pressure.
We do not govern ourselves by our emotions,
But rather by what is best for those around us.
Those who are popular or have found a belonging group
Have no idea of what it is like to be made an
Outcast, exiled, prisoner to those of so called higher society.
Emotional abuse is nothing to gossip about
One should not make assumptions based on biased facts.
I have known people, including myself, that have suffered from saddening events.
O' how I wished that I had someone to speak with, but when faced with emotional issues,
We will not speak for ourselves.
Instead we wait for someone to ask and we don't even speak then.
And to the dominating parent,
A child should not be measured by their accomplishments, but rather by personality.
So beware of the silent and watchful, for we perceive far more than meets the eye.
We know what people are thinking and hence the reasoning behind the invisible black veil emotions wear.
We know the difference between realism and surrealism,
But it's in the surrealism that we find belonging and relief,
From the unwanted glares that are given from the popular
And decision-makers of who will become the next new outcast.

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