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Undead Vampire

March 14, 2009
By KunoichiTemari BRONZE, Hoffman Eesates, Illinois
KunoichiTemari BRONZE, Hoffman Eesates, Illinois
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Pain strikes my body and my limbs cry out in protest,
The metallic taste of blood lingers in my mouth,
As the precious red liquid pools in the back of my throat,
I grasp the hilt of my sword with both hands now,
Holding it in a death grip,
It's my only chance of survival,
You laugh at how pathetic I look,
Drenched in my own sweat and blood,
Panting like an exhausted sled dog,
You lunge,
I scream,
My blade penetrated your shoulder,
Your claws slashed my face,
I blink away the blood that runs into my eyes,
And remove my blade,
I make an attempt to pierce you threw the heart,
But you're quicker,
Before I can blink you have me in a headlock,
I scream again,
Slashing the air randomly,
You pin me to the ground,
Grinning your stupid grin,
You lean forward,
And lick the blood that's splattered my face,
Do you feel better?
Singling out an innocent such as myself,
You wretched bloodsucker,
Your jaw closes around my throat,
And your fangs dig into my flesh,
I hope you rot in hell,
For you have chosen your own fate,
To live as one of the undead,
And bring nothing but pain and death to humans,
As the precious red liquid is drained from me I grow weak,
I can't feel my limbs,
My vision blurs,
I fall,
Faster and faster,
Suddenly I'm suspended in a dark void,
I wait,
And wait,
For you to awaken me,
And force me to become the creature I despise so much.

The author's comments:
This isn't anything special really. I was inspired to write it after reading the Night World series. It's about being turned into a vampire unwillingly.

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