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Monster in Me

March 20, 2009
By ImDumbStruck DIAMOND, Springfield, Virginia
ImDumbStruck DIAMOND, Springfield, Virginia
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"If at first you don't succeed, destroy any evidence."

How can I explain it?
Why I get so mad, so furious?
I just want to throw things,
Is that so delirious?
Little things upset me,
But they do not drive me over the edge
It's the big things you do
That break through my control like a wedge.
Prying open and teasing my anger
Daring it to surface
And then calling me crazy
When I get a war face
I can not control myself when I get mad
I lose any ounce of mercy
And I just want to kill
My tongue starts cursing.
It is like a caged monster,
When you arouse it,
It will go after you
This I will admit
It can not be suppressed
Eventually I will calm down
But until then, I will yell and scream
Not caring about the sound
When I finally retrieve my conscious
I am flooded with shame, but not guilt
I am sad that I failed to keep control
But I'm not sorry for what I felt
Because you brought it out to stay
You unleashed the beast
And you are the one who deserved to pay.

The author's comments:
i have a pretty bad temper, though most people don't see that side of me. When i get really mad, i tend to do or say stupid things, ordinarily deserved things, but things that can change the me i try to portray.

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