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Leaving Me

March 19, 2009
By italianxbonafide BRONZE, Staten Island, New York
italianxbonafide BRONZE, Staten Island, New York
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Slowly, but surely
things began changing, and
you began drifting away

Springs warm air, turned ice cold
and my insight faded to pitch black
I have no idea when I will crack.

Being strong for myself is hard to do,
I know I need to be there for you too.

Your smiles, which were
once my comfort,
are now wilted upon your face,
as if it were a pedal
from a perfect rose, out of place

I'm praying to God,
asking for help as a resort,
I know your time left is very short

My heart is breaking,
and the hour glass is running low
I can hear you heart beating,
It's beginning to slow

My heart is pounding,
My hands are shaking
You are leaving and I am losing

I try to stop myself from
crossing the border of insanity,
even though I passed sanity, a few miles back
just when my world started to
turn to darkness, so very black

My heart is bleeding,
and my soul is screaming

Seeing you like this,
has turned me numb
I hold your hand,
while listening to the machines' hum
Oh, can you not see how I need you by my side?
I do not want you to leave,
please get well.

I'm on a never ending train ride,
and it's taking me straight to hell.

I overheard a few men talking about hell one night,
one man said that it was hot,
while the other argued that it was not.
He said "It's a place so cold,
that nothing can save you from Satan's hold,"

Well, I'm frozen and my eyes,
consist of only glass and emptiness
I see no difference between the truth and lies.

Your smile was the fire that lit my heart,
The warmth left when time came for us to part
I'm all alone now,
Just Me, Stone, and Ice
I know better now,
than to believe that this world is nice

Every day that passes,
is just another line in the story
telling us the water is low in our glasses.

Just another line,
telling us life is not fair
then "you go to heaven and everything is just fine,"

Life deals us the cards,
but never cares how we play them,
Whether we stay, hit, or fold
life doesn't care, life is cold,

It doesn't matter anyway,
nobody ever wins in the end
Life doesn't care how much we plead to stay.

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