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just leave

March 22, 2009
By becky4 GOLD, New Port Richey, Florida
becky4 GOLD, New Port Richey, Florida
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There always another way.

They came without a warning
they yell like they belong
you think Id actually like them
but but that is just a sign

They treat it like there home
they dont respect there
this is my love my family
I dont want it to be gone

Soo go away
stay away
take your worries
take your life and leave

This isnt a game
im sad and alone
my head is poundin
my heart is going
ba bump be lump

I wished you all go away
you took my home
my life
you treat me like i cant survive

Why cant you just leave my alone
why dont you just go
why should i be yor slave
im just gonna let you leave

My heads a mess
i really dont want you here
please leave now...
leave me alone

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