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Almost Broken

March 22, 2009
By Cozette Jenkins PLATINUM, Mesa, Arizona
Cozette Jenkins PLATINUM, Mesa, Arizona
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the thing is we all know where you stand.
when a line is drawn across the room you’re on the side closest to the door
so when the conflict starts you can run.
it doesn’t matter what’s going on, you’d rather take flight than stay and fight.
disguise yourself so no one will see you there.
have i ever even seen your real face?
i can’t tell from all the masks you wear.
all i’ve seen lately is the too eager one to kick me when I’m down.
though it’s flawed you wear your glory like a crown.
there’s one misconception you have about love - it’s not give and take its push and it’s shove.
when did your heart turn to stone?
when did you stop being the one i’d known?
you’ve got my arm twisted so far behind my back - just break it.
go for the one last leap of pain - i can take it.
why do you leave me almost broken?
what’s in it for you?
is it your token, your signature for what you wish you could do?
cause the thing is we all know where you stand.
only time can wash the blood from your hands.
only a coward doesn’t stay burning ’til the last spark.
only a coward murders his victim in the dark.
and we all know what you look for - a quick escape, a bridge across the gape,
the side of the line closest to the door.

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