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In Everything

March 22, 2009
By Cozette Jenkins PLATINUM, Mesa, Arizona
Cozette Jenkins PLATINUM, Mesa, Arizona
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you are me

you are the clouds in the sky
the white foam on the sea

you are a summer flower full in bloom

you are the subtle glint in my eye
the cold chill of a smile-filled room

you are the breath in my lungs

you are the light through the trees
the notes in any song i've ever sung

you are all the strangers that i meet

you are the force that drives me to my knees
the echoing footsteps on the street

you are all the days in every year

you are the heart of every smile
the root of every fear

you are the blood in my veins

you are the reason to stay for a while
the thick smell after rain

you are the strength in my soul

you are the hesitation in my step
the happiness that makes my heart full

you are the confidence i lack

you are the deepest of depths
the nostalgia that brings me back

you are the hope to make it home

you are the courage to take a chance
the fear of ever being alone

you are the first sign from the start

you are the passion in romance
the ever-lasting imprint on my heart

you are as vast as the whole sky

you are the darkness before dawn
the one i see when i close my eyes

you are the wind on my face

you are here, but if ever you are gone
the memories will leave a trace.

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