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A Heightened View

March 22, 2009
By Cozette Jenkins PLATINUM, Mesa, Arizona
Cozette Jenkins PLATINUM, Mesa, Arizona
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do the mountains know you're calling?
do they know you're coming to climb their peaks?
the only way you keep from falling
is to climb as high as you can reach.
did you know,
that everything you touch turns to gold?
you're peering at the heavens through the sun, their amber door.
your feet can no longer touch the floor
as you climb higher, as you aspire.
your heart holds to love as waves cling to the sand.
you will graze the stars with your hand
before the night is through;
they will glimmer a reflection of you.
at the eclipse time will stand still
and you will breathe in the thrill
of enduring love.
your spirit will soon soar high above
as you stand on the mountain tips
and behold what before was just a glimpse
but is now a view of the whole earth.
like at birth,
when you smiled at your chance at life, smile just the same;
the mountains call your name.

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